Shareit is the File Sharing App of the New Century


Shareit is presently the best file sharing app you absolutely need to get your hands on. There tons of sharing app available online, but SHAREit has managed to catch people’s attention because of its lighting speed and ease of use. Besides the app seems to offer features that one would normally find in the premium app. Here we’ll be discussing all that, and we’ll be letting you know how exactly you can use the app for your sharing needs. 


The app was launched back in 2012 under a different name. It helped transfer files like photos, music, videos, contacts, apps, etc., at lightning speed. Lenovo smartphones already have the app installed into their devices, but other can download the app from the official Shareit website. The app supports platforms like Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS and Android handset. No wonder, it’s the world’s preferred app for cross platform sharing. It’s about 200 times faster than Bluetooth and has no restrictions on the type of files and the size. 

With Shareit you can connect your PC and view your files on your mobile, have direct control over your PPT your mobile. You will also have the ability to backup valuable data in a matter of seconds, and save all your treasured moments. Apart from these, you can easily replicate your phone’s data when you are planning on moving on to a new handset. You can transfer and backup contacts, apps, messages, and any other kind of file from your old phone to the new phone. Besides the app is extremely user-friendly and is available in 39 languages that include French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, etc. Shareit offers total security and no fuss. The app has helped take sharing to a whole new level. 
Shareit basically covers all platforms, so it’ll be a shame if you don’t use it. All you need to do is visit the official site and download the app for whatever platform you want to use it. For Android to Android sharing, you need to have the app opened in both the smartphones. And then anyone of you would choose to send or receive. The app would start searching and when it locates another Shareit, tap on it, connect and begin sharing. 
Now as for sharing between phone and PC, things are a bit elaborate. To share files between a phone and a PC you need to open the app in both the devices and then from the handset select send or receive. Once the app begins searching, look for an option called connect to PC. Tap on it, and the app will begin searching for Shareit on PC. Once the app is able to locate it, tap on it, connect and begin sharing. 
Shareit is a unique app that has literally changed the way we share files between ourselves today. We hope after reading the guide you have become as much a fan of Shareit as we have. Let us know if you have any question in the comment section below.


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