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    Make Back to School Cool

    Back to school shopping is on the minds of many parents this month.  For students in year-round school, the bell has already rung, setting off the start of another semester of reading, writing and digital computing.  Others are counting down the days before they return to new schools or familiar campuses.  Most have one thing in common, and that is a need for supplies.  Making sure each student has everything on the list is a lot easier to accomplish these days.  First you search Groupon for Office Depot codes, then you take advantage of all the savings they offer.  The typical school supply list for a 9th grader has over 20 items on it and every one of them is available at your local Office Depot store.  That’s why shopping Groupon is so smart.  You don’t have to leave home to buy all the #2 pencils, pink erasers, pocket folders, subject dividers, scientific calculators and other items they must have.  You can shop the list from home and have those items delivered, or pick them up instore

    Office Depot is one of the leading sources of business and work products in the world.  They carry enough computers, stationery, furniture, supplies and electronics to outfit a business of any size, so they’ll have things that are just right for you.  School supplies fall into their wheelhouse and they can safely steer you toward all the items your student needs to turn out papers, reports and projects of any kind.  

    If your scholar is heading to a dorm room for the first time, be sure to outfit them with the extras that will make that first year away from home comfortable.  An HD TV, ethernet cable (for faster downloading) a streaming device like Roku, lap top computer and a printer, Bluetooth speaker, flash drives and surge protectors are a must.  That doesn’t mean you must pay outrageous prices, and you won’t if you take advantage of Groupon codes that can save you as much as $100 off printers, $200 off lap tops, and 50% off other supplies.  No matter how you do the math, you save.  The only thing they can’t save you from is doing the tons of laundry your freshman is likely to bring home for you to wash.

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