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    Top 10 Android Apps 2017

    Guys! More than half of the year has passed and we are almost 4 months away from the new starting year 2018. You all must be wondering about the Apps that stand out among the audience and are super tech smart. The crème de la crème of all the Apps! The top 10 Android applications of 2017. From its inception, Android has been making wonders with its operating system and applications. Whatever application they launched, dominated the whole App industry. Similarly, in 2017 Android launched the best collection of Application and people are getting crazy about them and enjoying on their favorite Android phones like Samsung Mobile Phones. Let’s look at the top 10 Android Apps dominating the application industry. 

    1. Control Center

    Control Center
    This application is exclusively designed for your ease and convenience. With Control Center Application, you can easily access all the feature or tools of the phones with just a tap or swipe. This App makes it possible for you to easily control your phone anywhere anytime. The many features and option you can easily access Aeroplan mode, silent mode, brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth and much more. It makes all the unreachable features reachable to you.

    2. Minimal Wallpapers

    Minimal Wallpapers
    This app brings you the unlimited and unique collection of Wallpapers. This wallpaper gives your phone’s display screen a special and aesthetic look. This Application has more than 2500 wallpapers with new wallpapers added every day. With the category option, you can easily browse all the wallpapers of your choice. For example, if you are looking for flowers wallpaper, you can easily select or search the flowers categories and browse through all the flowers wallpapers. See, isn’t that easy and interesting!


    3. Canopy

    Canopy is a special exclusively designed for all the online shopping lovers. You can scroll through all the amazing products trendy on Amazon shopping store. If you like a particular product like women’s clothing, bags, jewelry, watches, you can simply add it to the wishlist. The application is easy to use and you can easily discover all your favorite product right form your phone. This App is available on both Apple store and Google Play store. Join the Canopy community and the curated version of Amazon. 

    4. Spot on Alarm

    This application is for all those you want to hear their special tune as the alarm tune. You can select any music or tone of your choice from playlist and set it as your alarm tune. There are various changes you can make to alarm tone such as controlling vibration, shuffling playlist, fading music and adding labels to different alarms. You can further also set the length of the snoozing alarm per your convenience. That’s not it, you can also name each alarm like the early morning alarm can be named as “Morning blues”.

    5. After Focus

    After Focus
    After Focus
    This app is designed for all the people who love to edit picture. Even if you are not pro at photo editing, this app will guide you step by step and will help you edit a perfect picture. In short time of less than 1 minute, you can edit your picture. Make it blur or add some special effect, all with the magic of couple of scribbles. You can choose from two option, manual or automatic. By manual, you have to draw line around the picture you want to be focused where as in automatic, the task is performed by the app. Download the app from Apple store or Google PlayStore now and enjoy the magic of photo editing.

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    6. Evie Launcher:

    Evie launcher
    Evie launcher is a perfect app for properly structuring your phone home screen. The search bar on the top enables the user to browse through all the features and applications available on the phone. There is also an App door that you can easily scroll up and down and browse all the application on your phone. This application is totally customized and you can customize it your way like remove unwanted apps from the app door.

    7. SMS backup and restore

    SMS Backup and Restore
    This application is a simple app that backup and restore all your messages, call logs, calendars, contacts and even apps. You can easily transfer all your data to a new phone. It is the best app to free up space from your phone. You can easily backup your messages and call logs via this app to Dropbox, Google drive or Email. Once you back up the messages and call logs or other data, you can easily restore all your content back.

    8. Article Reader

    article reader
    Article reader
    For all the people who love to read articles, now you can read articles offline as well. This app is designed to enable people to read any article of their choice even if they do not have access to Wi-Fi connection. You can easily customize the article by selecting the size and style of the font. The themes can also be changed to day or night background. This app promises you only content and NO DISTRACTIONS! 

    9. Phogy


    This app is highly innovation and new way of taking pictures. This app enables you to take 3D pictures and upload it on social media or use it anywhere. There is no limit! Yes, you can take unlimited phogies. You can also take 3D selfies, sounds interesting right! It also enables you to make animated GIF and upload it on social media. Download this app now and lets phogy together. 

    10. Sublime Stills

    Sublime Stills

    Last but not the least guys! This is an ultimate wallpaper application that provides you beautiful wallpaper you could ever find on internet. The collection never ends, it is updated daily with more amazing wallpapers. You can also share the wallpapers with your friends and yes, it is AD FREE! Download it now from Google Play Store and enjoy the world of wallpapers. 

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