Digital Marketing Expert

Ugur Gulaydin has been the Head of Marketing for several years now, he has overseen all of Comodo’s more than 50 active websites.

Ugur Gulaydin
 Ugur Gulaydin
Ugur Gulaydin

Being a digital marketing specialist his capabilities are aimed at helping Comodo to,

-Develop and execute strategic marketing programs, that can provide an edge over the competition
– Build agile marketing teams & processes, to excel at operational objectives
– Build top-class market research teams, which contributed to successful marketing/sales programs
– Helped engage effectively with relevant various stakeholders and ensure the success of those initiatives.
–  With digital marketing expertise, he leads the design, conversion analysis and user behavior tracking and improvement.
– Helped achieve Internet marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing and lead generation activities.

Prior to joining Comodo, Ugur Gulaydin worked as a corporate consultant for some of the leading global brands.  The list includes international airlines and global newspapers on e-commerce, web operations and internet marketing services. He also worked as VP of Operations with a leading New York-based marketing agency and headed the website design and development, brand management and online marketing initiatives.

He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Dowling College, NY, specializing in information systems management.



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