How to 3d Print Something: Uses, Facts and Coolest Things About 3D Printing

How to 3d Print Something – 3d printing is an intense and progressive technology. 

How to 3D Print Something

We have compiled some simple and quick tips from which you can have a pretty sound idea about how to print something using a 3d printer. Let’s get started.

How to Print Something in Just a Few Simple Steps:

Craft your idea by pen and paper:

The first step towards 3d printing anything is that to ask yourself, what exactly you want? When you have a clear idea about your final product (don’t worry if you are just starting out, no one gets perfect in just a single attempt). Draw your object on a paper using any of your favourite pen or pencil. When you reach to your final draft, try to add some details in it.

For example, if we talk about 3d printing in automotive industry, the very first step is drawing the car’s imaginary idea on a paper, then the refining and detailing process takes place. And, after repeating this process for some couple of times, a single design is selected for further processes. In this similar way, craft your near to perfect design.

Now it’s Time to Measure and Design:

You are excited about your first 3d print, but hold on, there are few steps to cover. Now it’s time to plot your idea into a precise designing software which is capable of creating a virtual image of your idea by applying precise measurements. This process is often known as the rapid prototyping process using software like CAD.

As there are so many dedicated arrays of software available for a variety of works. If you need a jewellery designing software, you have a dedicated one and so on for every designing work.

The Printing Process Is Here!!

Now finally the most awaited step is here, the printing process!! Now it’s not like traditional printing where you just take out a print on a paper where you have only two options (colour and black&white), this is a slightly complex and more creative process where you can play with even the smallest part of the design. You can customize each and every part of your design as per your need.

Here are Some of the Coolest Printing Things You Should Know:

  1. You can choose your favourite material for the printing which may include plastic, silicon or even chocolate (not kidding!)
  2. You can print any object using two or more different materials or colours, now thats truly amazing, right?
  3. Size does not matter in the world of additive manufacturing, you can even print the world biggest ice cream (make sure you invite all your friends to finish it)

What After Printing?

We know you are happy after getting your first print but hold for the final touch. It’s time for finishing the product. As the printed object is not polished or finished, it is required to do some final touches on it (don’t worry, it will not take much time) Your object will be polished to enhance its looks and increase its life and durability.

Want to Print Yourself?

Yes!! thats completely possible. Now you just need to click a good-looking selfie (or as you want) and by using any 3d application, convert it into a 3d printable file and you are good to go. Once you get that file, you can easily 3d print that files even using a basic 3d printer. Or just send that file to an online 3d printing company and they will send you an estimate.

You can also print your small miniature using this amazing technology. There are many companies which offer you the complete miniature printing at affordable pricing. In fact, this is one of the latest trends in which people are gifting miniatures on special occasions like wedding. birthday or even on a proposal.

So, you might have an idea about how to 3d print something and what are it’s principle steps. Now you can easily print your favourite design without wild guessing anything. This is the technology of the future, by the year 2020, it’s valuation will be 5 times as compared to what it is today.

Interesting Facts About 3d Printing:

  1. NASA used 3d printers to make pizzas for their astronauts.
  2. By using additive manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence, we will be printing humans organs without any failures or shortcomings.
  3. At the time of earthquakes, people used 3d printers to get a temporary roof over their heads.
  4. There is a 3d pen available name “3Doodler” by which you can print any hand free object just by using it like a normal pen, but not on paper, directly in the air.
  5. People are also using biodegradable materials and other recyclable materials to print various items including Christmas decoration items like Santa cap, shiny balls and much more.

Author Bio: Kiran Hurkadli is the director of Zeal 3D Printing. He is offering 3D Printing Services in Australia for the last some years. He has earned good success in the 3d printing industry for his unique and custom designs for his clients.

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